Meal Planning

Meal Planning with EatLove

EZ Nutrition 4U uses a highly customizable Nutrition Prescription meal planning program called EatLove. EatLove makes meal planning to meet your nutrition goals easy. As your Registered Dietitian, I will support you while learning EatLove.

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Meal Plan subscription Includes:

  • 15 minute Discovery Call/Set Up
  • Weekly Meal Plans from 1-7 Days
  • Over 7,000 dietitian approved recipes and growing every day!
  • Recipes for variety of cooking skill levels
  • Step by step cooking instructions
  • Ready made meal delivery services from Sunbasket
  • Grocery list customizable to minimize food waste
  • Grocery delivery services (where available)
  • Use of the EatLove app from the convenience of your phone or tablet
  • Restaurant Smart Choices when eating out
  • Food log and nutritional analysis
  • HIPAA compliant communication with your Registered Dietitian
  • Easily SWAP out any meal/snack if your plans change!
  • Access to the EatLove Educational Library

How can Meal Planning help you?

  • Plans are 100% customized to your specific condition, goals, preferences and schedule
  • Roadmap for success with clear check in points
  • Helps you execute your Nutrition Prescription day-to-day, week-to-week
  • Eliminates stress and complexity of creating weekly meals
  • Engaging meal variety with tasty, tested, vetted and expert-curated recipes
  • Creates real long-term change in how you plan, prepare and shop for meals, cascading into lifestyle and behavioral health improvements

How can I start using EatLove?

Option 1: Purchase a subscription and complete the registration form. Once registration is completed you will get an email invitation to join EatLove.

Option 2: Schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call and state you are interested in the EatLove Meal Planning program. You may be encouraged to schedule a full Nutrition Assessment before setting up with EatLove based on your health concerns. Then you can purchase a subscription.

Meal Planning Subscription


$ 45
  • Month to Month Meal Planning


$ 120 (11% Savings)
  • 3 Months of Meal Planning


$460 (15% Savings)
  • 12 Months of Meal Planning
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